25 March 2020

Edinburgh & Lothians

Venue: Edinburgh

Time: 00:00

The University of Edinburgh will host AIMday Manufacturing on Wednesday 25 March 2020.

AIMday™ (Academic Industry Meeting day) is based on workshops where challenges submitted by participating companies around a central theme are discussed with academics from relevant university disciplines.

Meet our experts from a wide variety of disciplines including process optimisation, digital twinning, advanced robotics and AI, and sustainable design to discuss the latest advances in manufacturing.

AIMday Manufacturing aims to provide participating companies with the opportunity to innovate and rethink how their business operates in order to find new ways to become more efficient, reduce waste, and improve design and manufacturing processes to extend their product life cycle.

To participate in AIMday, you need to submit at least one challenge phrased as a question, which you wish to discuss in a small workshop setting.

Each question submitted by a company is tackled by a group of multi-disciplinary academics with the aim of finding pathways to solutions.

One question, one hour, a group of academic experts: that is the AIMday format!

Register your attendance at AIMday Manufacturing by submitting your question(s) on the registration page before Wednesday 12 February 2020.

Please note that workshops are in general open for other companies to observe where relevant, but closed workshops can be requested if required.

Your question(s) and (company) name will be published on this website.

We are happy to help you come up with or phrase appropriate question(s), so please do get in touch with us at Edinburgh.Innovations@ed.ac.uk.