Rainbow of hope. Photo by Laura Kerr.

United in battle against coronavirus

03 April 2020

We always knew that we worked with dynamic, agile and inventive company and academic teams, however they have blown us away with their ability to adapt and support in the fight against COVID-19.

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Eugo Games

High ambitions for Summit with academic support

26 April 2016

As a pre start-up business and one with very little experience of digital technologies, the opportunity of working with academic partners provided through Interface was exactly what I needed. 

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VentureFest Scotland 2016

Make Venturefest your innovation quest

20 April 2016

When Venturefest landed in Glasgow last year, Interface immediately recognised it as an exciting new opportunity to highlight to businesses the benefits of partnering with the world-class universities and research institutions we have here in Scotland.

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Planet Earth

Making a world of difference through collaborating

14 April 2016

As this is “Earth Month” and April 22 is dedicated “Earth Day”, we decided to ask energy entrepreneur Andrew Bissell about his potentially game-changing thermal energy storage battery, which he developed with the help of academics following an introduction through Interface.

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Jigsaw puzzles

Carol-Ann flies the flag for I-N-T-E-R-F-A-C-E

07 April 2016

Just over a year ago, Carol-Ann Adams joined Interface as a Business Engagement Executive in the Highlands and Islands. Here she reflects on how the presentation she gave during her interview applies in her every day work, connecting businesses to the wealth of academic expertise across Scotland’s universities and research institutions…

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Can Scotland Do Innovation? …and what does success look like?

31 March 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; success is determined, defined and measured by whoever holds the yardstick. This was brought home to me by several meetings I’ve attended recently on the topics of innovation, enterprise and knowledge exchange.

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Bee on dandelion

How universities are boosting business in Scotland

24 March 2016

It is 20 years this July since Dolly the Sheep was born at the Roslin Institute, just outside Edinburgh. 

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Go back to the future with innovation

17 March 2016

Museums are some of Scotland’s most important and popular visitor attractions: a recent survey found that for nearly half of all visitors to Glasgow, seeing a museum was a primary driver for their trip. Offering a better experience for our visitors, and encouraging these visits to grow, is central to the development work of every museum. 

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Knowledge Translation Network (KTN);and Scottish Third Sector Research Forum (TSRF)

Knowledge exchange: that ‘auld’ thing

10 March 2016

A few months ago at a What Works Scotland event I had an insightful conversation with someone from Police Scotland. 

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Laura Goodfellow

Find your inspirational women #IWD2016

04 March 2016

International Women’s day on 8th March is a chance to take stock, reflect and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

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Laura Kreiling

A little innovation goes a long way with an associate

26 February 2016

The inaugural Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards included the Building Skills Award to recognise postgraduate students or Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associates who have worked within a business on a specific project to increase innovation within the company. 

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