Features to enhance the site's accessibility

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  • All images have been given appropriate alternative text.
  • A "breadcrumb" trail feature is provided to aid navigation in that is displays the current page’s context within the site structure. The "breadcrumb" trail can be found directly under the banner graphic on each page where the text "You are here" is. On this page it is: Home -> Contact Us -> Access Statement.
  • The accessibility of the site has been tested on a wide range of browsers.
  • Each page has a link which allows a user using a text only browser or screen reading software to skip over the main navigation links and go straight to the main content.
  • Alternative user-defined style sheets can be applied to allow changes in the site's appearance without affecting the readability or accessibility of the information.
  • A link to the site's site map listing all the pages on the site in relation to other pages and sections.
  • A link to this accessibility statement.
  • A link back to this web site's home page.

Technical Information

We aim that our website, wherever possible, is 100% standards compliant and fully accessible. What that means is this website is viewable by the widest audience possible. With an accessible and standards compliant website you can be sure that no one is denied access; navigation and usability is simple for all, regardless of knowledge or abilities.

Unless otherwise stated all Cascading Style Sheets used in this site validate correctly to World Wide Web Consortium standards.

Valid XHTML 1.0 TransitionalUnless otherwise stated all HTML used in this site validates correctly to World Wide Web Consortium standards.

Unless otherwise stated and to the best of our knowledge we believe all pages on this website meet all accessibility guidelines up to level A accessibility standard, as measured against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.